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After a long time of development I have finally come to this point: the first public version of the LedController software, which is v1.0.3, has just been released. I'm quite happy with the functionalities and stability it offers in it's first released version.

In it's current state the program lets you easily control your LED strips using your computer. It is no longer needed to program a microcontroller to make your room look pretty. For the more advanced users it is still possible to program your own controller, withouth the hassle of USB communication and all other low-level stuff.

Of course I'm already working on new features. I am planning to support controlling the LED strips using your mobile phone to make it even easier to beautify your environment. I have also planned to make a platform for sharing user-made controllers. Unfortunately I cannot give you exact dates for these releases yet, so keep checking for the latest updates if you are interested!

I would really appreciate feedback if you have used the software. The software needs feedback to grow into a well-featured program which can be used by anyone. Unfortunately I did not have a wide range of different testing environments and hardware, so if any problems occur feel free to inform me of the problems. You can give feedback and report problems using the contact form or by replying to this blog post.


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